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Noelene Callaghan

Project Based Learning

In 2015, students in year 7 and 8 used Project Based Learning (PBL) pedagogies to create a project on Digital Citizenship in ICT. Students were asked to select a major issue that forms Digital Citizenship and design a project (using any technological tool of their choice) to create an awareness campaign. This campaign would be aimed at other students within the school as well as future students, families and friends of our school community.

The products created by students focused on dealing with an identified cyber safety issue by;

  • Defining the behaviour of a responsible digital citizen

  • Describing a issue that people face online outlining the cause and who is affected.

  • Educating people on the issue and how to counteract its effects.

  • Students were given the opportunity to create two of the following using any type of device:

  • infograph

  • mobile app

  • interactive game

  • posters

  • video

  • screencast

  • podcast

  • multimedia presentation

  • concept maps

  • animation

  • cartoon strip

  • research report

An example of a project; 

In 2014, students in Year 8 were to create an annual project using Project Based Learning (PBL) Pedagogies. Students accessed their work via the LMS Moodle and were the use the Adobe platform to complete their project. Students whom were more skillful in ICT were encouraged to use newer technologies in addition to those specified in the brief.

The project in 2014 was based on creating a portfolio on a crazy Japanese Invention. Students selected the Noodle Fan, Robotics, Umbrella Shoes, Whole Body Umbrellas, to name a few. Students were to create a short movie of the Japanese Invention as well as a promotional poster and promotional website. Students had the option of using either Google Sites or Adobe Dreamweaver to create their websites. Within their website, they also uploaded their poster (which was created in Photoshop) and their movie which was created using any movie making program of their choice. All students were required to complete a Blog periodically which was designed as a forum on their website.

A student example of work can be found at:

Movies and Digital Stories are used in teaching and learning programs to give student a new platform to demonstrate their understanding of content that is learned in class. These movies and digital stories are part of ICT and Commerce Project Based Learning programs.

Students are allowed to use any device and any software to create these.

More videos and digital stories can be found at my YouTube Channel at

Here are some posters created by students using Photoshop ;