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Noelene Callaghan

Microsoft Education

As a result of a joint teaching and learning opportunity between Microsoft and Rooty Hill High School, 5 students were selected to participate in Mineclass. Mineclass is a transformation project initiated by 5 Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators from Australia and New Zealand. The overall purpose of Mineclass is to create new collaborative learning environments that is student led and contains no physical or virtual boundaries. More information about Mineclass can be found at

Students will learn:

1. How to collaborate and communicate on web based projects with global colleagues

2. How to self-direct their learning in a games-based environment

3. How to employ computational thinking to build functioning machines in Minecraft


Students from geographically remote schools collaborate and construct technical creations in Minecraft as a learning platform.


1. Students plan, design and collaboratively create structures and functioning machines in Minecraft

2. Students learn how to communicate and collaborate effectively in web based projects.

3. Students have real global audiences for their creations.

4. Students run virtual excursions for other schools in their Minecraft world creations.

All of the work by students in this project is documented on their blog at

A dedicated website on Minecraft can be found at