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Noelene Callaghan


e-Portfolios have become a fundamental tool that is used in all subjects via Google Sites or One Note. The e-Portfolio has replaced the use of exercise books in most subjects, in particular ICT and TAS. All of the work created by students is documented electronically and can be accessed by both the teacher and the student in real time.

Moreover, these e-Portfolios enable students to use them as evidence to demonstrate their learning in all of ACARA's Learning Capabilities as well as a documented and annotated evidence that can be used in their resume for future learning/training and/or employment purposes.

Here is an e-portfolio used by a student in year 7 TAS. Students were required to understand the Design Process and document their designs of building an ideal home via their e-portfolio. Using a Blended Learning approach, students used Google Sketchup, paper and pencils, Minecraft and more to design and create their homes.

The presentation on this particular learning experience can be found here