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Noelene Callaghan

Blended Learning

As many schools move towards using Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) and putting an emphasis on using digital resources in the classroom, it is pivotal that Blended Learning pedagogies are used to maximise the learning of all students, and not those that are advantaged (technologically) outside of the classroom.

Using Blended Learning simply means that a range of resources are used to complete one task. The resources can range from laminated sheets (as pictured), to using digital cameras to take photos of tasks to using the Internet to search for and create information.

Blended Learning pedagogies are used in all of my classrooms (years 7-12) for all subject areas in ICT, HSIE and TAS. By using a Blended Learning approach, all students are advantaged of developing their cognitive and behavourial skills in the KLA.

Here is an example of a task that relied on students using traditional resources that support digitalised learning. Once students read the newspaper articles, they completed their analysis on their e-portfolio. All images that were taken of their work (their pen and paper sketches) were also uploaded on to their e-portfolio.