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Pedagogies associated with ICT Literacies

Posted on March 9, 2013 at 7:15 PM

I am putting together this comprehensive list for my research of ICT Pedagogies that we can use in a 21st Century learning environment. Some brilliant sources:


  • Peer-to-peer learning, distributed intelligence approach (Read, 2005)
  • Learner-centered instruction; student-generated content (Lee, McLoughlin, & Chan, 2006)
  • Development of digital and social competencies (Evans, 2006)
  • Blending of formal and informal learning; mobile, ubiquitous learning (Miller, 2006)
  • Peer teaching, reciprocal learning (Frydenberg, 2006)
  • Extended learning, enrichment and extension activities, personalisation of learning content (Edirisingha, Salmon, & Fothergill, 2006)
  • Peer-to-peer learning, student-generated content (Kukulska-Hulme, 2005)
  • Cross-cultural collaborative work using student-generated content (McCarty, 2005)
  • Student-generated content, collaborative writing, organising and editing content (Sener, 2007)
  • Resource-based and collaborative learning (Wenzloff, 2005)


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