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How many hats to do you wear?

Posted on February 22, 2013 at 9:00 PM

This week has been a week with many conversions with many different people. And as I speak to all if these people, I realise more and more that I wear so many hats. But do not take this as a whinge or some sort of plea for help. I find that many, if not all if us, are the same. I am a wife, a mother, a teacher, a student, a soccer coach, a soccer player, a tutor, a freelance writer and the list keeps on going. And its pretty safe to say, that most of us wear many, many hats.


I was speaking to a young teacher who is having her first child, and was listening to her determination that being a mother would not interfere with her career and her desire to succeed in study and the workforce. As I listened and tried to share advice, I realised, that this young, strong, confident woman was no different to me.


We are living in a society where technology plays a huge role in our lives and as a result, we want everything. I don't know if its a selfish act or if its our society that makes us believe that we need to constantly better ourselves. So, is it ok to wear so many hats and to keep following our dreams or are we simply making our own lives more complex? What role does technology have in all of this? What role do the people around us have?


One thing is certain. Without people wearing numerous many hats, we wouldnt have an education system that is so progressive and is catering to the needs of so many individuals. Without us, our schools wouldnt be what they are today!

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