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Maintaining Ones Professional Learning Network

Posted on February 16, 2013 at 1:15 AM

Maintaining Ones Professional Learning Network or Personalised Learning Network (PLN) is not as easy as one may consider. I have spent CONSIDERABLE hours into building and maintaining mine, and mine is purely for Professional purposes. I use websites and social medias to communicate to other teachers and to my students.


I blogged a little while ago that I attended the Google Apps Sydney Summit, and I dont think that I have ever left a professional development session willing to do so much in the classroom. I am, genuinly, inspired to use all of their tools in my classroom. Step 1 has been completed and that was to create a Google + and Google Sites account. Im quite proud with my Google Sites Website. It proves that this is a tool that can be used by students in the classroom - something my year 8 students are going to really enjoy. The flexibility and tools that individuals can use is exceptional and the most important part - its accessible by all students in NSWDET schools.....a winner already!


Check out my Google + Account:

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