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Although it's only Week 2, Bad Lessons are OK

Posted on February 9, 2013 at 4:45 PM

Yep....The title to this weeks Blog is correct. Its only week 2 of the school year and already I had a shocker. But thats ok....We are allowed to have bad lessons, regardless of how many years experience we have.


I met a year 7 class last week for the first time and for a while now, I have been playing an Ice Breaker game that incorporates Technology and usually brand new students LOVE this activity. Students usually embrace this game and are all eager to show me just how 'clever' they all are. The serious ones are out to show me that they know more about Technology than I do (which I secretly love).


Anyway, part of this game requires students to stand in a circle to play the game. Unfortunately 3 young boys who were all competing for my attention decided to play a little game of their own which unfortunately resulted in pushing and shoving and one student falling onto a computer.



That's right. For the first time in my teaching career - I yelled. So Loud! I was so worried about the computers that I didnt even ask the students what they were doing and why?


So, what did I do - I wrote a paragraph on the board for students to copy down into their books (in silence)......Something I hope that I do not do again this year!


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