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Looking back on the first week of school

Posted on January 31, 2013 at 9:15 PM

Its the end of my first teaching week for the year and I was very quick to remember something that teachers often forget when they are on leave. And that is the amount of admin that is involved in our career. I only taught one lesson, which was actually disturbed by a practice fire drill which although necessary, it was also heartbreaking. Ive been flat out finalising programs, meeting with teachers about new ventures, updating others about professional learning I attended during the holidays, meeting new teachers and so forth.


Already my pile of 'things to do' is up nice and high and my 'to do list' is the longest it has ever been, but that's ok. I feel focused, excited and determined to introduce new technologies and 21st learning pedagogies into my school, and make kids excited about learning again!

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